Repurposing communications for online use

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Does content creation for digital media give you a headache? It shouldn’t. I am always amazed when I meet with people at organizations that don’t think they can’t maintain a sufficient flow of information to their Web site. Mention an e-newsletter or blog and most people just shutdown. It seems like too much. The concept of creating online content can seem like a burden, but it shouldn’t be.

Most of our clients are communication and marketing professionals who constantly manage ideas, news and information. And more importantly produce content. That audio tape from an interview for a company newsletter or magazine can be digitized and with a bit of production turned into a podcast. Ideas that didn’t quite make it into an article but are still of interest may be great for a blog posting. Even a news release can be chopped up and repurposed for areas of your Web site or an e-newsletter sidebar.

Successful online communications requires you to think beyond the original medium. Understand the message and the audience that it is designed to connect with. Then explore opportunities to make it fit elsewhere and extend your mix of media and messaging online.