Great email success story from HP

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I just read some great email tips in a MarketingSherpa article entitled “Behind-the-Scenes Discoveries from HP’s Email Segmentation Tests (Response Rates Up 300-1000%)” (link available until Oct.8/05). The program name was Target & Simplify. Smart, since most of us know that targeted and simplified messages resonate most with readers.

How do you target and simplify? The article identified some areas of improvement ranging from simplified copy to easy to use forms and streamlined access to content. Based on HP’s results, there were three key lessons learned:

  • Readers associate most with their job responsibilities versus industry vertical or organization.
  • Most people will click on links to help their immediate customer or client, but not necessarily their end customer.
  • Recipients scan email and don’t read every word.

HP also produced one-off demand-generation emails independent of monthly newsletters to drive more targeted results. This is an approach used to diversify the experience of an e-newsletter and keep readers interested.