Mastering the art of the internal podcast

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This is a story about an idea that was hatched over lunch, as many great ideas are. Way back in June 2005, we had a “what’s going on out there” lunch with Natasha Bond, our client at ALTANA Pharma. The conversation started with a question like this: “So, tell me what’s new in the world of Internet communication and what should I care about?” Talk about opportunity. Everything that was on our minds immediately crystallized and was packaged to make sense for ALTANA. By the end of lunch, there were a half-dozen great ideas on the table, two of which we’re launching today.

  • An internal blog published by ALTANA’s new vice president of sales, Ron Clark
  • A monthly podcast hosted by Ron and disseminated to ALTANA’s geographically dispersed sales force

Why a podcast? In the world of sales and field-based organizations, getting information to employees who are constantly on the road is a traditional communication challenge. A podcast was identified as a creative way to deliver personable messages where, when and how sales reps want to received them. Podcasts can be downloaded as MP3 files and listened to on a computer or synced on to a portable device such as an MP3 player and listened to when an employee has time. Content can be experienced in a car, on a train or a plane or even in a doctor’s waiting room. It’s all about convenience.

In the case of ALTANA, these tactics are designed to build rapport between new management and sales, and provide perspective on key business strategies and developments. In a few months, we hope to have a great case study on this initiative. For more information, read our news release.

We have also produced iStudio Insight Podcast #1 (MP3 – 18.8 MB) to delve into the topic of podcasting in internal communications and further explore our work with ALTANA. The show includes the following segments:

Show Notes

Total Duration = 16:30

00:12 Introduction

  • David Bradfield sets up this podcast on internal podcasts
  • Goal of podcast is to introduce what we’ve done and why we’ve done it
  • Introduces four segments:
  • Context on communications at ALTANA Pharma
  • Interview with Natasha Bond
  • Sample internal podcast segments
  • Why podcasts make a great communications tool

01:46 About ALTANA

  • ALTANA’s first venture in internal blogging and podcasting launches today (November 7, 2005)
  • Tips on communicating to a geographically dispersed team

03:43 Interview with Natasha Bond, Manager, Corporate Communications, ALTANA Pharma Inc.

  • The evolution of communications at ALTANA
  • Embracing remote employees into a largely head office driven communications model
  • Why technology is the backbone for modern communications

08:39 ALTANA Podcast Sample

  • Three excerpts from Ron Clark’s premiere podcast to ALTANA’s sales team
  • Note the importance of encouraging comments and interaction
  • Podcast designed to engage employees on a personable level

15:03 Wrap Up

  • Don’t be afraid to podcast
  • Stay tuned for more great case studies and information

It is programs like this that make our jobs exciting. Innovation gets us juiced. Thanks so much to Natasha Bond and Ron Clark at ALTANA for saying “yes” to such a creative and motivating project.

So, what questions do you have? Do you see value in this sort of tactic? Let’s get the conversation going. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.