Tackling time and finding tools of efficiency

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So, I’m sitting on the subway making my way home after a long week. The days seem to get shorter with the amount of work and information we need to process in this digital era. In fact, this past week I just had my performance review. My main gripe? Not enough time to read news and keep up with industry trends. In my job, this is a necessity. Not having time is no excuse.

I need tools to make time. Don’t we all!

I’m now holding a time machine in my hands, my Palm Treo. I’m writing this blog in transit. I’ve just installed Quick News on my Treo so I can keep up with my RSS feeds. Now we’re talking. This is a great application that allows me to grab updates for my favourite feeds hot xxx pics nipples braless pokies at any time from anywhere I have a signal on my phone. I load up before diving underground to the subway and start scanning headlines. I have just added 20 minutes of real-time reading to my day. Excellent!

It seems to be a reality of digital life that devices keep us on top of our game. I don’t know how bloggers do it. Debbie Weil posted last year about Steve Rubel’s4-hour a day blogging playbook“. Talk about commitment.

Keeping up with email, phone calls and meetings, oh and work is pretty much all I can seem to pack into a day. It’s no wonder blog desertion rates remain high.

Enough of my rant. With this said, I am going to apply some discipline to keep navigate communications more timely and informative. Wish me luck.