David Bradfield moves to Fleishman-Hillard New York

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Well, the news has been getting out and the rumors are true. In August 2006 I join the New York office of Fleishman-Hillard to set up a new interactive, digital and social media group. The timing is perfect for this move.

Here’s an excerpt from a comment I posted to One Degree that gves some context to the rationale behind my move:

From my perspective, every PR agency that offers “full service” should be learning about this space and embracing new opportunities to reach the niches. Social media, or whatever you want to call it, is an integral element of the future of PR. It’s a neccessity.

PR and communication professionals have specialized for decades in generating coverage in “uncontrollable” media and other venues through relationships with influencers such as journalists, analysts and opinion leaders. It takes a true professional to understand what will add value and create a unique angle or perspective that makes an organization/product/service contextually relevant, timely and reliable.

In the new communication climate, understanding who’s who online, what they write/talk about and providing information that is useful and adds depth or variety to their perspectice is key to successful public relations.

The world of marketing and communication is at a critical point in its evolution, and as I have always stated, public relations is the discipline most suited to the online space. I now have a chance to work with one of the industry’s leading firms to prove this. Obviously I am not going to do this alone. Fleishman-Hillard has excellent interactive operations in Washington, D.C. and St. Louis, not to mention iStudio, which is a sister company to Fleishman-Hillard. Within New York, there also exists Fleishman-Hillard’s Next Great Thing (NGT) team that I will work closely with.

I am really going to miss working directly with the iStudio team. They are an incredibly talented bunch that have been winning awards for truly innovative work.