iStudio podcasts get mainstream media exposure

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My work at iStudio with ALTANA Pharma was profiled in The Globe & Mail today. Here’s an excerpt from the article written by Alex Dobrota.

Ron Clark, vice-president of sales at Oakville, Ont.-based Altana Pharma Inc., starts his monthly address to his team of 120 sales representatives with a prerecorded Tragically Hip tune. Then, he records himself talking to guests — including the company’s chief executive officer — about such serious topics as the company financials and new sales programs. He posts the MP3 file dubbed “Ron’s podcast” on the company’s intranet site. His employees, spread out from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia, can download the file and listen to it on their way to work, in the car, on their iPods or on their computers. “Most people tune out of e-mails and voice-mails after a while,” Mr. Clark said. Podcasting, he added, “is just a different way, a fresh way, of communicating a message.”

Paul Colligan’s podcasting blog references research from Tom Webster of Edison Media Research indicating that as of January 2006, 11% of Internet users had listened to a podcast, although they were unclear on exactly what a podcast was. The podcast audience appears to be relatively well-educated and financially secure. According to the research, they spend an average of 2 hours, 7 minutes on the Internet. I’m not sure if this is a daily or weekly statistic. It’s probably a daily stat.

Man, it’s really hard finding current and reliable podcast statistics online. Thanks to Paul for posting these online.