Social Media Club meeting follow-up

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I had a chance to get out to the first Social Media Club meet-up in New York on Monday evening. This was a great event. As a recent transplant to New York, it was great to meet some of the folks here that work in the digital space.

Howard Greenstein was kind enough to recap the meeting and include links to some useful New York new media resources. As Howard outlines in his post, the group exists to:

  1. Promote (new) media literacy

  2. Share best practices

  3. Promote ethics and standards

This is right up my alley as is pretty reflective of my daily responsibilities at FH.

At the end of the meeting, we got into a discussion about the new media release, or social media release, or hRelease. The goal is to standardize the approach. The challenge is to get people working together. Hence the need for this group. There is a working group (thanks to Mark Nowlan at PR Newswire for pointing this “multimedia news release” out to me) exploring some of the early incarnations of the new media release. The example that was profiled in the meeting was for SpiralFrog.

This is a great start, as is much of the work on a journalist would know how to use this format. Are they familiar enough with RSS to know how to pull the most salient chunks of content? Some are. Not sure about most though.
There was also conversation about who the ultimate target audience is these days. One of the reasons I push colleagues and clients to consider online news formats is because so many people are turning online for their news and reading news releases issued by an organization. (Does anyone have any stats on this?) In order to enable more consumer facing formats, organizations need to consider what else people want. Context is key. This is created through the elements of the social media press release template referenced above. But where is the conversation? How does it tie into the community?

My post from last week (Beyond communication: Achieving an optimal social media mix) identified the elements that I think need to be further represented in the new standard. Actually, I think there is not a single mold. Content needs to be packaged in a relevant format based on the audience. Why are they seeking out the information? How does it fit into a larger, more contextual experience? How can we engage people to become part of the conversation?

Anyway, those are my thoughts today.

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