So, you want your CEO to blog?

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As more organizations realize the benefits of social media, there seems to be a real interest in getting their thought leaders to blog. I encourage clients to consider who their true thought leaders are. The first person that typically pops to mind is the CEO. But blogging requires a pretty substantial time commitment, not just to write the posts but to read other blogs, respond to comments and maintain momentum. Does your CEO have the time and focus required to succeed?

As I’ve written before, blogging falls into the social media mix which includes communication, conversation and community. Blogging creates incredible opportunities, but those opportunities need to be fostered.

Here’s an alternate suggestion that still allows your CEO a chance to contribute without a major ongoing commitment. Identify and leverage your subject matter experts. We have found some really creative ways using internal social media programs to give people a voice and help them perfect their point of view before they blog externally. Subject matter experts are great because they tend to be passionate, empowered and well-informed. They are also more likely to read other blogs and bring an extended network that represents a built-in audience.

So how does your CEO fit in? Well, provide them with updates, or better yet, set them up with an aggregated feed with content from each of your subject matter experts. I also encourage organizations to have their CEO comment on their subject matter experts’ blogs. Comments from the CEO, or other visible leaders, carry weight. They are also a great form of recognition and credibility. “Hey, if the CEO is commenting, she’s really following this stuff. She has her ear to the ground and is an active leader.”

This type of approach makes corporate blogging just a bit more manageable and maybe even a bit more engaging.

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