Describing why PR needs to embrace the online world

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The world of PR is in transition. Many communication professionals realize that the way people get their information is changing. Others resist this fact, dismissing change as a fad. The skeptics ignore the influence of blogs and the power of social networks. Those that “get it” can’t seem to create enough opportunities. Organizations willing to take the risk and embrace new media, digital communications and social media are far and few between. Those that are making the transition are reaping the benefits.

Our youth marketing team in New York has been working with members of our Ernst & Young account team to create some exceptional solutions to recruit top talent graduating from the┬ábest business schools. This innovation landed our client in the Wall Street Journal with an article called “Ernst & Young Reaches Out to Recruits on Facebook“.

It always takes some doing to get clients to understand and accept new thinking like this, but the rewards are worth it. I have worked on teams in the past that have won international awards and received both online and mainstream exposure for simply being innovative and strategic. Being strategic doesn’t always require a complex solution as we’ve seen with our work in Canada with ALTANA Pharma.

The first step to success in digital communications and new media is being able to describe why it makes sense. This is one of the most difficult things to do since so many people start blocking concepts as soon as technology enters the equation. In the end, technology has very little to do with the rationale. It’s simply the enabler.

Technology enables access to the new audience. It enables new modes of publishing and inspires new ways to package information in convenient ways.

Most Internet use and media trend statistics illustrate why PR needs to embrace the online world. So if you’re preaching, figure out how to talk about it in a poignant and meaningful manner. As my friends in the Social Media Club say, “If you get it, share it.”