Sample new media release for GeoCommons

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Here’s a great blog posting referenced in the New Media Release group about lessons learned on a recent new media release produced by GeoCommons’ agency. They blogged about the experience¬†and provided a link to the release.

In particular, they seemed to do a pretty good job with their online editorial outreach (OEO) outlined in the following paragraph:

“Further, our outreach to the blogging community was value-based, not simply pitch centric, inviting the community to use the maps for their own purposes in whatever way they wanted. As such we started a dialog with several bloggers, and anticipate they will give GeoCommons a whirl. We really see this as a peering technology, and as such the world of social networks will drive the actual usage of GeoCommons maps to their tastes. So we anticipate that GeoCommons will be found valuable to bloggers and other social network users, and that the maps will start being used in place of older push-pin types of mash-ups.”