Do I regret not buying an iPhone (yet)?

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Do I regret not buying an iPhone? Yes and no. I have seen a couple now, and while the device is incredibly sleek, there are some drawbacks that I hope will be resolved with the next version. Here are the reasons I resisted the hype and did not buy an iPhone. For those of you that really know me, this is a major feat. I am an Apple sort of guy (our house runs an Apple network for home entertainment and work). I am also a bit of a gadget guy.

  1. As an “Internet device”, I would expect the iPhone to help me connect my computer online while I’m mobile, but this is not the case. It cannot function as a modem.
  2. The Internet speed crawls from most accounts I’ve read. My wife has a not incorporate 3G into the current iPhone from AppleInsider. Fortunately, iPhone users can flip to Wi-Fi if it’s available.
  3. The battery replacement seems to be a major concern. The battery lasts approximately 400 charges and when it dies it needs to be returned to Apple for three days at a cost of $80 for the replacement battery, $7 for shipping and $29 for a loaner phone if required. Talk about a pain! Especially on top of a $500 – $600 purchase price and a minimum monthly service fee of $60 on a two year contract. Mind you, the service fee doesn’t seem to be too exorbitant.
  4. Work at this point is not outfitted to support the iPhone. This is completely understandable, but the built in VPN features are something I’d hope to explore if I was to own an iPhone at one point.

These drawbacks were enough to derail my initial desire for the hottest new device. I am still envious when I see an iPhone. It’s cool enough, but lacks in practicality for my immediate priorities. That may change though. We’ll see.

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