Don’t pull the plug online during an economic slowdown

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We’re at a time in the North America where many companies are re-calibrating their marketing programs to focus on value. This is common and is a good thing. Ideas get tired. Priorities shift. But during an economic slowdown, attention often shifts to cost control. Marketing and communication departments (and agencies) make a case for their business and organizations decide where they’re going to get the greatest value.

As a lead strategist at changing any time soon. It will become more pronounced.

The worst thing a company can do today is stop communicating online or ignore their Web presence. When the economy returns to full-strength, it will be obvious which companies really value their role in their customers’ lives. A glut or “dark period” in online content and visibility may reflect poorly and have an impact on long-term reputation.

Stay in the game. Digital communications are cost-effective. They have a direct impact on corporate visibility and brand positioning. Consistent digital communications and a sustainable social media strategy will keep you top of mind and aligned with the future direction of marketing and communications.